About a year ago I watched a Fran Blanche’s video where she recreated a demonstration model of Soviet Sputnik from 1957. The model’s schematic was using (naturally) Soviet transistor П6Г (P6G). She didn’t have that transistor and wasn’t sure about its parameters, so I left a comment linking to its datasheet in Russian at the wonderful Музей Электронных Раритетов (Museum of Electronic Rarities], and offering to translate it if anybody would be interested. A couple weeks ago a person wrote asking for the translation, so I did it, and here it is for use of whoever wants to build the circuit with something closer to the original transistor:

Datasheet thumbnail

You’re not likely to find this transistor anywhere now, but if you want to get close, apparently (according to the person who requested the translation) the Soviet МП40А (MP40A) would do, and those are quite easy to buy on EBay.

I’m not fluent in transistors and their parameters, so some parts of the translation might be awkward. If so, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll fix it!